Want a cleaner, fresher wardrobe? 5 ways to up your laundry game

(BPT) - Spring is finally here, which means it's the perfect time to refresh and recharge, and that goes for your home as well, including revising and updating your laundry space and routine. Washing and drying your clothing may seem simple, but just a few changes to your routine can keep your clothing cleaner and help it last longer. Take your laundry game to the next level using these five time-saving tips.

1. Have the right accessories on hand

Doing laundry the right way takes more than just using a detergent, washer and dryer. You'll need the right accessories to properly wash and dry your clothing, especially delicates.

Try putting your delicate clothing in mesh laundry bags before throwing it in the wash. Mesh bags keep delicates from tangling or snagging during washing, preventing damage and premature stretching.

Wool dryer balls are also good to have on hand. They're an eco-friendly replacement for dryer sheets that create air pockets between clothing while bouncing around the dryer. Not only do they speed up drying and reduce static, but they can also help reduce wrinkles and odors. You can even place some drops of essential oils on the wool balls for a fresh smell.

2. Upgrade your washer and dryer

An efficient washer and dryer can make doing laundry easier and help your clothing last longer and stay cleaner. If it's time to replace your washer and dryer, look for a durable top-load washer with cutting-edge technology and a complementary dryer.

A reliable and powerful washer and dryer combo to consider is the LG Smart Top Load Washer and Smart Dryer. The washer's TurboWash3D technology allows you to finish large loads in just 29 minutes, while the 4-Way agitator and TurboDrum technology provide a thorough, gentle clean.

To make things even easier, the LG Smart Pairing feature sends information to the dryer so when you're ready to move things over, the dryer automatically recommends the best drying settings, saving you time and guesswork.

Both the washer and dryer can be controlled using the ThinQ app. Whether at home or out running errands, you can use the app to manage and monitor your laundry progress remotely. If any appliance issues pop up, Smart Diagnosis will alert you and provide solutions to solve problems on the spot.

3. Sort your laundry with hampers and bins

Before you start the wash, pre-sort your laundry into hampers or bins. You can separate by color, fabric type and care label instructions. This will simplify and speed up the washing process while preventing laundry accidents.

For example, washing darks and lights separately helps prevent darker colors from bleeding into lighter-colored fabrics. Washing delicates on their own on a gentle, cold cycle will extend their life. You can then wash another load of towels and blankets on a hot cycle to thoroughly clean them without damaging other items.

After a round in the dryer, you can use the same bins to separate clothing by type, such as tops, bottoms, socks, etc. or by who it belongs to.

4. Invest in a steam closet

Caring for hard-to-clean items can be time-consuming and tedious to get the results you want. However, investing in a steam closet can make clothing care easier and keep your clothing in better condition.

A steam closet like the LG Styler sanitizes, deodorizes and freshens clothing using chemical-free TrueSteam technology. This means you can easily care for delicates and dry-clean-only items without taking them to the cleaners, saving money and time.

If you have clothing that you've worn and plan to wear again in the week, just toss it in the Styler. The steam closet's unique moving hanger system releases light wrinkles while freshening and removing odors. The Styler also makes it simple to sanitize awkwardly shaped items like throw pillows, jackets, toys and backpacks.

Like the smart washer and dryer, the Styler features ThinQ technology, so you can start and monitor cycles from your phone, troubleshoot problems, and even use voice commands with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to control the steam closet.

5. Use less detergent

A common misconception about laundry is that using more detergent will make your clothing cleaner. However, using more detergent than necessary can leave a soapy residue, leaving clothing looking dull and stiff and can even fade your clothing. Also, if you have sensitive skin, the soap residue may cause irritation. Plus, using less detergent will save you money in the long run, as you won't have to restock as often.

A few changes can make a big difference. Using these five tips, you can improve your laundry routine for a cleaner, fresher wardrobe.

May 1, 2023

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