Smart Home Trends: Top Appliance Picks for 2024

(BPT) - Each year, industry leaders premiere their latest and greatest kitchen and bath products at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) - North America's largest trade show dedicated to all aspects of kitchen and bath design.

At KBIS, trends are established. This year, the standout trend is the combination of technology and sustainability.

According to smart lifestyle expert Carley Knobloch, 'I never believed it was enough to be able to remotely control our appliances from our smartphones. A truly smart home solves real problems and rises up to meet you where you are to make things easier and more comfortable. It was great to see how dialed-in smart kitchen appliances have become to both of those missions, whether it be by optimizing food preservation or taking the guesswork out of creating a beautiful and healthy dinner for one's family.'

You don't have to be in the industry to find out which brands and products are on the cutting edge. Check out these four home appliances that can transform your life with ease, performance and efficiency.

1. Smart washer/dryer makes laundry a breeze

Bring accessibility, energy efficiency and convenience to your home with the 5.0-cubic-foot Mega Capacity Smart WashCombo™. In just under two hours, you can run a complete wash and dry cycle without transferring clothes.

As the largest capacity combo model available, the All-in-One WashCombo™ tackles heavy loads - including king-size comforters - without a special electrical hookup. Best of all, the appliance uses 60% less energy than a traditional LG vented model thanks to LG's Inverter HeatPump™. The proprietary technology delivers quiet operation and the greatest energy efficiency of all washer/dryer combos.

2. Smart induction cooktops marry aesthetics and performance

Homeowners might be interested in the new ENERGY STAR certification for select cooking appliances. Take, for instance, smart induction cooktops like those from LG (available in 30- and 36-inch sizes) and a 36-inch model from Signature Kitchen Suite; they are the first in the industry to earn this distinction. The innovative kitchen appliances are as beautiful as they are efficient. Enjoy the stylish and professional look and feel of a ceramic induction cooktop that delivers exceptional power, precision and responsiveness for fast, efficient heating and even cooking. Plus, cleaning is simple with the SmoothTouch Glass Controls and smooth surface.

3. Transform your kitchen into a chef's dream with a kitchen suite

Luxury brand Signature Kitchen Suite's Transitional Series features built-in kitchen appliances spanning cooking, refrigeration and dishwasher categories for those who prefer transitional and contemporary kitchen designs. The collection of appliances features slimmer handles - a deliberate departure from conventional pro-style control knobs - and a satin stainless steel finish for an enhanced sleek aesthetic. Advanced smart technology empowers today's forward-thinking home chefs to curate a true culinary experience.

Leading the collection is the Signature Kitchen Suite 30-inch Double Wall Oven. An innovative built-in camera lets home chefs monitor their dishes in real time, take snapshots and capture shareable time-lapse videos. Also, integrating the built-in camera with artificial intelligence propels the brand's new 'Gourmet AI' food recognition technology, which identifies ingredients and effortlessly generates delectable recipe suggestions through the ThinQ App.

4. Save more with Heat Pump Water Heaters

The new Inverter Heat Pump Water Heater from LG helps homeowners save money and reduce energy usage and their carbon footprint. This energy-efficient hot water solution combines heat pump technology with LG's advanced smart control systems, raising the bar for residential water heaters. It is a highly energy-efficient alternative to conventional water heaters, surpassing ENERGY STAR certification requirements, and is available in a variety of capacities.

With potential energy savings of up to 76% compared to conventional electric heaters, the Inverter Heat Pump Water Heater minimizes reliance on supplemental electric resistance heat. According to, heat pump water heaters earning ENERGY STAR certification can save a household of four approximately $550 per year on electric bills compared to a standard electric water heater and more than $5,610 over the product's lifetime.

LG and Signature Kitchen Suite jointly received 12 awards and accolades during KBIS, including recognition as a finalist in KBIS's DesignBites. Additionally, the LG WashCombo was honored as a Best of KBIS finalist in the sustainability standout category.

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April 10, 2024

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