Partnering with the pros: How to get your lawn ready for spring

(BPT) - If you enjoy time at home these days, you're not alone. According to TruGreen's new survey conducted in collaboration with OnePoll, 69% of Americans spend more time at home than two years ago. And because homeowners enjoy being at home, it's no surprise home improvement remains a priority, with lawns as a top investment in both time and money.

While lawns are valuable to homeowners, so is their time. Rather than tackling lawn maintenance, homeowners would rather be with family and friends (49%), doing outdoor activities (36%) or reading a book (33%).

But with spring around the corner and warmer weather approaching, now is the first - and best time for homeowners to prepare their lawns for the season ahead. Homeowners should partner with a professional for their lawn care this season so you can spend more time doing things you love - while still achieving the lawn of your dreams. TruGreen®, the nation's leading lawn care provider, breaks down tasks you can do, and those better left to professionals to save time and money.

What to tackle as the homeowner

Here are the top items to have on your spring lawn maintenance checklist:

  • Prep your lawn mower for a fresh first cut. After a long winter, your lawnmower needs some love to work at its best. Clean or replace the air filter, change the oil, sharpen the blades and check the spark plug. Once your mower is ready, the first cut is critical to remove dead blades of grass from the past season to wake up the lawn. Always mow grass at the correct height, making sure you don't cut over a third of its height during any single mowing. Most grass types should be kept at least three inches tall, as longer, thicker turf helps combat weeds and conserve water in the soil.
  • Clear debris to allow your lawn to breathe. As temperatures climb, you may discover your lawn is covered in fallen leaves, sticks and other debris. If you don't remove this debris, your lawn could get smothered and develop unsightly patches, since your lawn and its roots would be prevented from accessing sunlight, air, water and nutrients needed to thrive. Clearing debris also helps professional lawn services be more effective.
  • Quench your lawn's thirst. Every lawn requires a healthy amount of high-quality H2O. While some will come from rainfall, during drier months you may need to use your garden hose or sprinkler system. Aim for about one inch of water per week. An easy way to measure is by spreading a few empty tuna cans across your lawn as you water. When they're full, that's an inch.

When to call in the pros

The spring season brings new beginnings and memories with loved ones outdoors. Partnering with the pros for your lawn maintenance lets you maximize your time, so you can do what you love without compromising your outdoor space.

'Research shows 68% of Americans trust and hire professionals for home improvement tasks, and with the winter blues behind us, don't miss out on this critical season to nurture your dream lawn,' said Brian Feldman, director of technical operations at TruGreen. 'Whether it's clearing weeds or providing a boost of nutrients to your lawn, partnering with a professional service can help ensure you're on track for a healthy, green lawn all year.'

Let the experienced professionals help, here are three tasks better left to the pros:

  • Tackling weeds before they attack your lawn. No one wants a lawn covered in weeds. Preventive treatments are vital to help fend off annual weeds before they start growing. Starting your lawn care at the right time and under the correct conditions - such as temperature and humidity - is crucial to prevent weeds from germinating, so consult a professional to identify when to start treatments.
  • Fertilizing your outdoor space. During winter, lawns stay in a hibernating state. Come springtime, they wake up with an appetite, so give your lawn a boost of nutrients with an initial dose of fertilizer. A lawn care professional can ensure this treatment occurs at the best time and in the right amount to bring out the best in your lawn, trees and shrubs.
  • Tailoring a plan for pesky weeds. Despite your best preventative efforts in the spring, annoying weeds may still pop up. When this happens, a specialist can tailor a post-emergent solution specifically for your outdoor space.

Questions about recovering your lawn after being dormant all winter? Visit to ensure your lawn is on track for a healthy spring season.

April 6, 2023

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