New home checklist: 5 things to check out before moving in

(BPT) - Are you planning to move this summer? You're not alone. According to Architectural Digest, most Americans move during the summer, between Memorial Day in May and Labor Day weekend in September, when the weather is pleasant, and children are out of school.

Moving in requires more than just packing your belongings and renting a moving truck. Before you arrive, there are several things you can do to make your new home move-in ready. Here are five tasks for your moving checklist before the big day.

1. Make repairs

Moving in is always stressful, but unexpected repairs can make it even more challenging when you're focused on moving in your possessions. Before moving in, check for cosmetic and structural repairs, such as cracks in the walls, ceilings and floors, and leaks or mold.

You'll also want to test the electrical outlets to ensure you can plug in and use all your appliances. An easy way to do this is to bring your phone charger and plug in your phone to test whether the outlet works. If you notice any issues, contact the seller so they can make the necessary repairs before you move in.

2. Schedule a deep clean

Cleaning your space is more difficult when working around furniture and unpacked boxes. As your move-in date approaches, schedule a day or two to deep-clean your new home.

Vacuum and mop the floors to pick up any dirt or dust left by the previous owners. Wipe down counters, cabinets and appliances and don't forget to scrub the bathrooms and toilets.

You should also consider hiring professional cleaners to take this task off your plate. Schedule your deep clean for a day or two before your move-in date so you can enjoy your clean home as soon as you finish unpacking.

3. Check for smart devices

As you prepare to move in, stop by your new home and check for smart devices the previous owners may have installed. For example, your new abode may have a smart thermostat, smart lock, smart lightbulbs or a refrigerator with smart technology. Find and pair your phone with existing smart devices and make a note of any you'd like to keep before moving in.

One smart device that many homes have today that you may not think to look for is a smart garage door opener. Go to your garage and look up to see if your garage door opener has myQ technology. If there is a myQ logo plus a WiFi logo, or it says 'powered by myQ' on your garage door opener, download the myQ app and follow the steps to connect your opener(s).

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4. Turn on the AC

Air conditioning during the summer is a must. To make sure you can cool down after a long day of moving, test the AC beforehand.

Without testing the AC, you risk going without cool air until you can fix it, dampening your enjoyment of your new home. Also, an AC unit with failing parts can result in a high electric bill.

Turn the AC on and be aware of leaks, strange noises or odors. Fix any AC issues before moving day so you can rest comfortably after a long, hard day of moving.

5. Set up utilities

Plan ahead and set up your utilities to make your transition from one home to another as smooth as possible. Your list of utilities should include electricity, water, gas, trash pickup and internet. Start the process three weeks before your move-in date so you don't have to wait for service.

Depending on where you're moving to, you may be able to call your current utility companies and inform them of your move. They can then start utility services the day you move in. However, if a utility company doesn't serve your new area, you'll need to cancel your plan and sign up with a provider that services your new location.

Don't wait until the last minute to ensure your home is move-in ready! Using these five tips, moving will be a breeze, and you can quickly settle in and enjoy your new home.

May 9, 2023

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