How one company is centering the customer experience in the smart home industry

(BPT) - Smart home automation is top of mind for many homeowners. According to a report by Grand View Research, the smart home market is currently worth over $79 billion and is expected to continue to grow at a rapid pace.

With so many smart home product options, such as cameras, smart lights, kitchen appliances and more - as well as the increasing integration of artificial intelligence (AI) - it's no surprise that homeowners are seeking products that make life easier in an increasingly tech-forward world. From convenience to security and more, home automation through smart technology offers consumers many benefits that simplify life while providing peace of mind.

One company that understands the benefits of home automation and continues innovating with customers in mind is Vivint Smart Home. While known for years as a trusted home security company, it's also an innovative smart home provider that prides itself on being customer-centric, currently serving over 2 million customers across the U.S. Below are some thoughts on what the company believes are the benefits of home automation and how it can only be improved through prioritizing the user experience.

The benefits of home automation

Integrating smart technology into your home can help you in your day-to-day life, allowing you to control virtually everything in your home, even when you're away.

Did your teen get locked out of the house? No worries. You can unlock the doors from your mobile device, view the feed from your indoor cameras and even talk to them through the cameras. Or did you forget to shut the garage, shut off the lights or turn on your security alarm? With smart home device integration, you can check all these details and control these products from anywhere.

Beyond convenience, smart technology can help you save money, especially when it comes to reducing your utility bills. For example, a smart thermostat can automatically adjust your home's temperature according to the time of day, who's at home and local weather. These small adjustments add up, shaving off up to 12% of your energy bill.

If security and safety are important to you, smart home security systems are a must. From motion sensors to smart locks to security cameras, with smart home security products, you can rest easy throughout the day knowing your home is protected. Using mobile apps, you can get real-time notifications to your phone whenever the system detects suspicious activity, a water leak, fire and other types of danger and security threats.

These are just a few of the many benefits of smart home automation. Of course, with so many gadgets, you'll want to be able to control them easily. Unfortunately, not all smart technology companies create user-friendly apps or integrated platforms that allow you to control all your devices in one place.

If smart home products are designed without customer experience at the center, what was supposed to be a convenient, secure and helpful device can become a chore to use.

Centering customer experience for business excellence

Vivint is dedicated to centering the customer experience, which is evident in its smart home platform. Vivint's platform is seamless, secure and intelligent, enabling customers to effortlessly manage their home appliances, enjoy convenience and comfort and protect their homes all from one central app. That means you can get rid of extra, clunky apps on your phone and stop worrying about apps refreshing and disconnecting from each other. Prioritizing the customer experience and simplifying the smart home process is likely why, on average, customers interact with the Vivint app 15 times per day.

Because smart home technology can be complex and confusing, the company offers professional in-home consultations and installations. This service helps customers pick the right system to fit their individual needs, and ensures that everything is accurately set up for the optimal experience from day one.

By focusing on the user experience and delivering innovative, reliable experiences, Vivint has secured its customers' loyalty, with the average customer staying with the company for nine years. If you're considering home automation and want to learn more about the various smart home products that can add safety, security and convenience to your life, visit

August 8, 2023

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