From weekend warrior to renovation rockstar: How to level up your DIY projects

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(BPT) - Did you pick up DIY skills during the pandemic? While your interest may have started out of necessity, you're ready to tackle bigger projects, like building a fence or installing windows and doors. You're no longer a casual tinker but an expert DIYer.

'DIY can be more than just a useful hobby. It can become a way of life,' said contractor and influencer Steve Ford.

Ford isn't your average licensed contractor. He's starred in several HGTV hits like "Home Again with the Fords" and "Restored with the Fords," where he and his younger sister, Leanne Ford, lovingly restored older homes. He's also managed large-scale projects, including store and restaurant design, residential renovations, and restorations.

Over the years, he's gained a steady stream of social media followers interested in his creations.

'I'm so happy folks have found my videos useful and inspirational.'

'DIY can be more than just a useful hobby. It can become a way of life.'

A quality project starts with quality materials

In celebration of National DIY Day this April, Ford premiered the latest additions to his home remodel project, Pittsburgh 'Carnival.' Since the fall of 2022, Ford has steadily transformed a warehouse into a vibrant living space. From the very beginning of the renovation, he partnered with 84 Lumber, the nation's largest privately owned supplier of building materials, manufactured components, and industry-leading services for single- and multi-family residences and commercial buildings.

'The quality of materials you use directly impacts your success,' said Ford. 'Whether you're a pro or DIYer, you need a trusted supplier like 84 Lumber who can be your silent partner in any project.'

Build like a pro with pro resources

84 Lumber isn't just for the pros. If you plan to upgrade your outdoor living space this spring, consider 84 Lumber as your go-to supplier.

'84 Lumber stores are open to the public, and we take enormous pride in helping the serious DIYer,' said Amy Smiley, vice president of marketing. 'Our knowledgeable, hands-on associates are ready to provide professional-level service and resources to anyone who walks through the door, whether they're a builder or weekend warrior.'

'84 Lumber stores are open to the public, and we take enormous pride in helping the serious DIYer.'

Ready to tackle outdoor home improvement projects?

Want to add a deck to your home? Whether you want high-quality treated lumber or easy-maintenance composite material, 84 Lumber can provide you with the materials you need to build a well-designed deck that will be the focal point of your home for years to come.

Are you ready to turn your backyard into an outdoor paradise? Add a pergola or gazebo for an eye-catching update. Hit up your local 84 Lumber store to find the quality materials you need to craft a personalized, stylish, shaded entertaining space.

To learn how to turn your spring DIY dream into a reality, visit or follow 84 Lumber on Facebook and Instagram. To find the nearest 84 Lumber store, visit

April 17, 2024

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