Expert ideas to take the grrr out of gardening

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(BPT) - Gardening season is upon us, beckoning with the anticipation of flourishing plants, the vibrant hues of blooming flowers, and bountiful harvests. It's an exhilarating journey for plant enthusiasts of all ages and gardening levels.

But what happens when your vision of a blossoming garden or landscape doesn't quite turn out the way you thought? While encountering challenges in your garden is all part of the adventure, the experts at Ball Horticultural Company can provide guidance to address some of your most frustrating gardening problems and set you up for season-long success:

Problem: Subpar plant performance

Solution: Elevate your garden with next-gen floral upgrades

Innovation has transformed some plant varieties to grow and perform better than ever before. For example, the Petchoa Caliburst Yellow takes the best colors from calibrachoa and delivers them in the flower size and durability of petunias. The sunny yellow color looks great in spring and lasts all summer. If you're looking for a better perennial, consider the Echinacea Double Scoop Deluxe with better flower coverage that makes a bold statement in your cottage garden designs. Finally, Salvia Blue By You is an award-winning, pollinator-friendly plant that blooms earlier than other salvia with multiple flushes of new flowers until autumn frost.

Problem: Short-lived blooms

Solution: Flower varieties that thrive

Extend the season with the tropical colors of PassionFruit Lantana, ensuring continuous blooming. This trailing plant has abundant multicolored flowers and dark green foliage, ideal for hanging baskets. It's also highly attractive to butterflies! Another option for blooms that can last from frost to frost is the Dianthus Capitán. With eye-catching bicolor double blooms, this plant is a stunner, plus it's prized for its fragrance.

Problem: Dull flower hues

Solution: Infuse vibrancy with mixes that matter

Explore new color combinations that brighten your outdoor oasis all season long, like Sweet Taffy Mix Easy Wave Petunia, perfect for sunny spots in your garden with its bright yellow and pink colors. Another option is to seek out mixes that offer unique flower patterns and textures, like the SweetSunshine Magenta Sky Petunia, which showcases white and purple blooms that beautifully complement lush green foliage. And for when you just can't choose one or two colors, consider tri-colored options like the new Beacon Pearl Island Mix impatiens.

Problem: Vegetable harvests that disappoint

Solution: Select high-producing, versatile plants

Look for vegetable plants that are fun and flavorful. Some of the latest vegetables are a feast for the eyes and exciting to grow, like the Kitchen Minis Quick Snack Cucumber. This cute potted plant can grow in a windowsill, making it ideal for small homes or apartments. For those with more space, check out the Tomato Love Sunrise from Burpee Home Gardens. This juicy beefsteak tomato produces fruit in beautiful flaming colors when ripe, and kitchen gardeners will love its unique heart shape.

Gardening isn't just a hobby - it's a rewarding, healthy pursuit for everyone. Embrace these expert tips from Ball to cut the frustration and unlock the full potential of your garden, from blossoms to bounties.

March 28, 2024

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