Elevating the home with inspired design in 2024

(BPT) - Interior design trends are always in motion, as the industry pulls inspiration from various styles and environments. There are a multitude of ways to elevate and personalize your design, and the new year is the perfect time to refresh your perspective and approach to the home. Try returning to the basic principles of form and functionality to curate a room that showcases modern sensibilities, or incorporating unique details to add character and depth to a space.

Modern Functionality

The simplicity of modern style is a draw to many who love clean lines and functionality. Recently, there has been an uptick in 'soft modern' design, which brings a sense of warmth to a contemporary space through details, colors and accents. The Jason Wu for Brizo™ Kitchen Collection embodies this sophisticated style with its fresh, streamlined aesthetic and unparalleled customization options and finishes. The collection's Matte White signature finish is timeless, and the ability to select Polished Nickel or Wood faucet levers adds a touch of personality. Choose these warm, neutral tones to bring in elements from nature, transforming a modern room from cold and sterile to functional, yet fashionable.

At-Home Spa Oasis

Spas are sanctuaries that ease both the body and mind. When designing your own space, opt for features and fixtures that bring heightened luxury to your bathroom. One way to create a sense of serenity is to incorporate the calming benefits of steam found in the Mystix™ Steam System by Brizo®. The system offers enhancements, such as chromatherapy, audiotherapy and aromatherapy, to stimulate and soothe the senses in a well-rounded wellness experience. With these features, there is no need to wander further than your own home to indulge in the advantages of a spa.

Texture & Saturation

To amplify visual interest in the home, bring in dimension through layered fabrics and textured wallpapers. Consider adding a limewash to add a notable, but soft approach to texture and to create a sense of depth in a space. A similar outcome can be achieved through a subtle tile accent on the walls or ceiling as an innovative way to bring more character to the design without overwhelming a room. Handpicking unique accents and color choices can redefine the living space. Replace small pops of color with bold, vivid hues or look for distinctive split finishes that enhance your fixtures and catch the eye. The Brilliance® Black Onyx/Matte Black, Brilliance® Luxe Gold®/Clear, Polished Chrome/Clear split finishes from Brizo are striking options and add a touch of the unexpected to the kitchen and bath.

January 25, 2024

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