Becoming an iconic and beloved brand

(BPT) - By Kim Hyo-eun, vice president of the Global Marketing Center at LG Electronics

Until now, as a leader in the consumer electronics industry, LG has grown into an innovative and trustworthy brand with a focus on products such as TVs, refrigerators and washing machines. LG has always deeply understood the lives of its customers and, based on this insight, solidified its position as one of the most beloved brands thanks to innovative products boasting reliable quality. However, in our pursuit to take the brand to the next height and transform it into a global iconic brand, we recognized the need to go beyond products and services and effectively communicate our core brand values to customers. This has led us to embark on the brand reinvention journey.

What's more, as we live in a world of constant change where consumers' lifestyles are shifting, diversifying and evolving at an increasingly rapid pace, companies have to strive harder to understand the needs and wants of their customers, and that requires a willingness to change and a passion for innovation.

An organization that has always embraced change, LG recently introduced its reinvented brand strategy to build a stronger, consistent brand image and better convey its commitment to providing a message of 'Life's Good.' As the first step toward strengthening its brand identity, the company undertook a rigorous process to redefine its values and philosophy. After clearly defining three core values of 'Uncompromising Customer Experience,' 'Human-centered Innovation' and 'Warmth to Power a Smile,' the company set about reinterpreting and reinvigorating the LG brand, creating new visual assets that mark a new era in its history. The result of this reinvention is a younger and more dynamic visual identity that resonates more deeply with consumers across all generations and backgrounds.

To be successful in today's market, a company must be able to connect with consumers at an emotional level. With its reinvented brand identity, LG is already fostering a deep connection with customers, showing that compassion and humanity are as much a part of 'LG-ness' as the technological and design innovation that the company has long been known for.

The look of LG's iconic Life's Good slogan has also been revamped and refreshed to better communicate the brand's firm belief that life is good. A custom typography - inspired by various LG products' form factors - makes the company's well-known slogan more distinctive and unique, while the period at the end conveys LG's confidence and sincerity in its mission to make people's lives better through innovation.

A prime example of the 'reinvent' is how LG's instantly recognizable brand symbol has been brought to life. In digital environments, the iconic LG symbol, designed as a smiling face using the letter 'l' and 'g,' can now perform eight different actions, including greeting, nodding, spinning and winking. Known as LG's 'face of the future,' the digital logo symbolizes the company's legacy while also strengthening its bond with today's consumers.

And, to highlight the brand's bold and youthful nature, LG has introduced a vibrant new shade of red that will be used across all platforms - physical and digital. The new, energetic 'active red,' complemented by LG's traditional 'heritage' red and a deep black, represents a passion for innovation and the boldness to deliver exceptional customer value. By incorporating these dynamic colors, LG aims to express its passion for pushing boundaries and creating meaningful experiences for its customers and attracting younger generations. This approach allows LG to emanate a youthful, dynamic, vibrant, confident and innovative image that aligns with the company's diverse businesses, products and services.

In addition to introducing its brand reinvent to the world, LG has been sharing its updated brand and visual identity with its own employees, bringing together personnel from all levels and departments to experience first-hand what the new changes mean. LG firmly believes that its employees are the best brand ambassadors. By ensuring they understand the brand's value and vision and incorporate it into their daily task, the company can more effectively deliver a message of 'Life's Good' to customers.

Aligned with this, the company launched its first Life's Good event for its employees in South Korea on June 12. With Life's Good trucks reflecting the new visual identity touring LG Electronics' business sites in Korea, the company handed out branded coffee cans and provided a chance to win various branded goods during lunch time, enabling everyone to take the time to discover the new changes to the brand. The event garnered overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic feedback from executives and employees, who expressed their excitement about the brand reinvention. They also shared that the event enabled them to better understand and visualize the reinvented brand.

We are hopeful that LG's brand reinvent will serve as a starting point for the innovation of new customer experiences that can provide value and benefits for real customers, enabling them to feel that 'life's good' and fully enjoy each precious moment of their lives.

LG acknowledges that there will be moments when people may struggle to resonate with the Life's Good slogan and message. However, the intention is not to present an unrealistic picture of unwavering hope and positivity. Instead, it serves as a declaration of what life has the potential to be and should strive to be. It also acts as a reminder that even in challenging times, life remains incredibly precious and invaluable. In this context, the Life's Good slogan embodies the lifestyles that LG aims for and aligns with our commitment to assisting customers in achieving a better life through our products and services.

At LG, we are driven by the desire to make consumers' lives better than they are now. With this spirit and our unshakable belief that Life's Good, we will endlessly take on challenges and never stop innovating. LG is a company where people work tirelessly to discover the needs of consumers - needs that they themselves aren't even aware of - and find smart, practical solutions that deliver convenience, joy and connection.

LG's new brand identity is infused with the collective effort and enthusiasm of the entire company. It reflects an unwavering determination to make every single day better than the last and showcases the company's aspiration to become a globally iconic and beloved brand.

July 24, 2023

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