5 tips to create a spa-inspired shower

(BPT) - Today's homeowner wants their bathroom to be a sanctuary for relaxation and self-care, so it's no wonder that the bathroom redo has become one of the most popular renovation projects. A recent survey from Houzz showed that one in five homeowners (22%) enlarge the primary or en suite bathroom during a renovation. And with the extra space, more than three in five homeowners (61%) increase the size of their shower. Transforming your bathroom into a spa-inspired retreat will not only impact your overall well-being and comfort but can also boost the value of your home.

The design team at Wilsonart, an industry leader in engineered surfaces, offers these five tips to consider when expanding and enhancing your shower space:

1. Set a realistic budget

Enlarging the size of your shower space is an investment. Prior to getting started, set a realistic budget that includes not only the construction costs but also the cost of materials such as the shower surround surface, fixtures, floor tiles and other design elements. It's also smart to have a contingency fund ready for unforeseen expenses that are sure to pop up along the way. And don't underestimate the power of DIY when it comes to cost-efficiency. If you are handy with tools and willing to learn, there may be certain aspects of a bathroom renovation that you can tackle yourself. Taking on tasks like painting or even assembling fixtures can significantly reduce labor expenses.

2. Choose the right materials

Selecting the right materials is key for both functionality and style. For shower surrounds, select a surface with style that will stand the test of time and fit your lifestyle needs. An on-trend option like the Wetwall™ Waterproof Wall Panel System makes it easy to transform bathrooms and create spa-worthy retreats that deliver high-end designs without disruptive demolitions. Ideal for shower walls, bath surrounds, accent walls and cladding, the easy-to-clean, grout-free system features tongue-and-groove panels that can be installed in as little as 2.5 hours and do not require special tools. The system is simple to maintain and features a patented, waterproof core that offers antimicrobial protection that inhibits the growth of stain- and odor-causing mold and mildew. Inspired by the beauty of nature, the two latest designs to join the collection, Tuscany Marble and Darlington Cherry, can add a high-impact, bold statement to any bathroom, without breaking your budget.

3. Invest in quality fixtures and features

Give your new shower space the quality fixtures and features it deserves. Adding simple luxuries like a rainfall shower head or built-in shower seat will help turn any bathroom into a sanctuary. Today's on-trend fixture finishes include matte black, aged bronze and brass, all of which are sure to add a touch of elegance while perfectly complementing your surface selections. While investing in high-quality bathroom accessories may add to your renovation's bottom line, it can actually save you money in the long run since cheaper fixtures tend to be more prone to breaking or wearing out.

4. Maximize natural light

Incorporating natural light into the bathroom can help enhance the room's overall aesthetic and make the space feel larger. Consider adding a window or a skylight strategically placed to maintain privacy, while allowing natural light to enter the room. This extra light can enhance your mood while also saving money on electricity bills.

5. Incorporate smart storage solutions

Having an organized shower can help streamline your morning routine while maintaining the visual appeal of the bathroom. Incorporating built-in storage niches helps create an elevated design aesthetic and optimizes convenience. The Wilsonart® Bath and Shower Accessories Niche collection is compatible with the Wetwall system and features sleek and functional recessed shelving for holding shampoo, soap and other shower accessories. Not only do these built-in bathroom storage ideas maximize square footage, but they also make a strong design statement.

Transforming your shower can take your entire bathroom to the next level and create a tranquil place to start and end your day.

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January 24, 2024

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