3 Backup Power Innovations For Home and On-The-Go

(BPT) - Have you ever wished you could do more to harness the solar energy captured by your home's solar panels? Have you ever wished your generator was quieter and didn't smell so bad? Have you ever grappled with EV range anxiety or wanted additional backup power in your RV? If so, then this news is for you. Cast off the anxieties and annoyances! A better way is here.

Anker's SOLIX F3800 Portable Power Station is the flexible, cost-effective and easy-to-install power system breakthrough in whole home (and EV) backup power the world has been waiting for. Tens of thousands of solar enthusiasts have already signed up to be the first in line for this power station. And with these three game-changing innovations in the mix, odds are the excitement is just going to keep on climbing.

1. Powerful output + AC coupling

This is the first power station to feature AC coupling, and it offers 6000W of AC power output to power most home appliances. It also provides 120V/240V dual voltage output, letting you run both standard and high-energy devices simultaneously.

Worried that 6000W might not cut it? Perhaps you've got a large home to power, or some seriously demanding equipment to run? No worries. This power station can be doubled up for a staggering total output of 12000W.

2. Extended backup power

In the past, limited battery storage has left a lot of otherwise interested folks wary of making the switch to solar. Now, you can put those fears to bed. A massive 3.84kWh internal battery provides ample backup power at the drop of a hat. Plus, by combining two power stations and up to 12 additional batteries, the average homeowner can get up to a week of backup power. That's enough to see you through the longest recorded blizzard in U.S. history plus three days to spare!

3. Take it where you need it

However, not all power needs are stationary. And when you have big electricity demands on the go, you want a power station that can go with you. With a convenient suitcase design featuring a stowable handle and a set of large, sturdy wheels, the F3800 is always up for the trip.

EV owners, take note. Fear of losing power has prevented drivers from maximizing their road trips for far too long. Set yourself free with a power station that's transportable, high-powered and easy to use. Just directly connect your vehicle's charging cable - no additional grounding accessories required!

For RV owners out there, the F3800 can run all your appliances in the RV and power them for several days to ensure the enjoyment of your whole trip thanks to its built-in RV port.

Of course, if you're looking for an even more portable, lightweight and super-fast power station, there's no need to wait for the Anker F3800 to drop. Anker SOLIX C1000 portable power station was designed for small places, and is the perfect power accessory for winter emergency use or just to ensure your devices never run out of power during your festive celebrations. It is lightweight and has a fast-charging technology, compact design, plenty of ports to connect up to 11 devices at the same time, high voltage output (120 volts) and even smart app control to set power schedules.

Get an advantage with advanced solar solutions

The solar age is finally here, and those who take advantage of it have a lot to gain. No more lining up for gas to refill your generator after severe weather. No more EV range anxiety or complicated route planning. And of course, you can celebrate that big reduction in your carbon footprint thanks to a clean solar energy loop.

If that sounds like a good deal to you, head over to to pre-order the F3800 today on Kickstarter.

October 17, 2023

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