What’s new in home design? Check out these 5 exciting trends

(BPT) - If you love home renovation and design, you'll be excited to discover up-and-coming trends that are transforming the look and functionality of home spaces today. Home design is continually evolving - inspiring homeowners and design professionals to innovate and reimagine how you can live in and feel about your home.

Here are design trends to explore this year.

1. Embrace sustainability

Concern for the environment and consumer demand is spurring many companies to create more sustainable processes and materials, while ensuring that they don't sacrifice design or durability.

For example, Cosentino Group, the Spanish global leader in production and distribution of innovative and sustainable surfaces for architecture and design, has created Silestone, with HybriQ® Technology, a high-performance blend of premium minerals, quartz and recycled materials. With HybriQ+, Silestone products have an enhanced product composition and manufacturing method that uses 99% recycled water, 100% renewable electric energy, zero water discharge and at least 20% recycled raw materials. This new technology represents the first sustainable surfacing of its kind.

2. Say goodbye to all-white kitchens

Today's kitchens provide the focal point for entertaining, inspiring homeowners to express themselves through design, surfacing and materials. Opting for custom cabinetry colors, unique backsplash designs and dramatic countertops are subtle ways to express your personal style through kitchen design.

For more drama and style in your kitchen surfaces, Cosentino's new Silestone Le Chic collection, launching in July, features contemporary designs in cream and rich-colored shades that are a modern interpretation of Parisian and Victorian inspired styles. Le Chic's six distinctive colors with expressive veins and metallic accents portray a sense of timeless allure, with a hint of nostalgia.

3. Say hello to wet rooms

Dreaming of a spa-like atmosphere? The European-style wet room might be your next great bathroom reno. Creating a cohesive space for your shower and bath is a great solution to enhance design and functionality, especially in smaller bathrooms.

Durable surfacing that can be utilized for flooring and shower walls - as well as built-in seating and storage to optimize the space - can leave your bathroom feeling luxurious and worry free. Make sure your contractor is experienced in creating a well-designed wet room, including proper drainage, lighting and non-slip flooring to ensure safety.

4. Rediscover industrials

Renewed interest in urban materials like unfinished concrete is largely driven by the desire for clean lines and calm spaces. However, today's industrials are softened by combining concrete with natural elements like wood, stone and plants.

If this aesthetic appeals to you, check out the Silestone Urban Crush collection out next month, inspired by the diverse textures of industrial and urban style. Materials like concrete, limestone, bronze and ash inspired four new colors with different shades of gray.

5. Explore mixed metals

Using metallic accents in a variety of materials and colors provides visual interest and elevates any room. Thoughtfully choose mixed metals for hardware, lighting fixtures, mirrors or picture frames. Even metallic accessories like vases, trays or artwork can enhance your space. Just a few touches of mixed metals go a long way.

Don't match metals, but stick with the same family. For the most pleasing effect, choose only from the cool family (like brushed nickel or chrome) or the warm family (bronze, polished nickel, brass) - plus black, which can go with either family.

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June 29, 2023