Refresh for wellness: Luxe bathroom upgrades breathe new life into dull, outdated spaces

(BPT) - Are you looking for a way to update your home that will make a positive change to your daily routine? Despite being the most highly trafficked area in the house and one that can greatly impact a home's value, bathrooms are often left outdated. However, with high mortgage rates keeping homeowners in their current homes and remodeling combined with a new pandemic-fueled focus on hygiene in the home, the bathroom is emerging as a priority home refresh project.

A bathroom is a place people spend time doing daily self-care, but recently bathrooms have also become personal escapes from the world's distractions. Common ways to refresh your bathroom include repainting walls in a fresh hue, adding modern lighting, replacing outdated faucets, and swapping out lackluster showerheads. Homeowners can elevate their bathroom into a space of comfort and wellness with upgrades that blend the latest in design, technology and eco-friendly features. Which is why it is important not to forget the toilet.

Updates that elevate.

Many toilets are in desperate need of a replacement to increase water efficiency and functionality. Others simply need a modern update. But most people do not realize how much their toilet can level up their own hygiene and self-care. Bidets are incredibly popular overseas in Europe and Asia and are found in the best hotels, restaurants and spas across the globe. It is no wonder why, according to design experts, bidets are one of the top bathroom trends for 2023 here in the U.S.

There are several bidet options based on your needs, space and budget. Adding a toilet with a bidet or bidet seat is an impactful way to add luxury and wellness to tired bathrooms without a complete renovation. In fact, replacing the toilet with a new model is a simple task that can often be done without a plumber, and adding a bidet seat to your toilet is an easy DIY project that can be finished in less than an hour.

Bidet benefits

Self-care and cleanliness are important for people of all ages, especially as the world emerges from the pandemic. Bidet technologies allow you to create a personalized cleansing experience in your home. Noteworthy bidets and smart toilets have advanced features like touchless technology and self-cleaning capabilities that reduce the spread of germs passed from flushing and wiping.

When the cleansing cycle is activated, a streamlined wand extends from beneath the seat to provide an adjustable flow of clean, warm aerated water for an exceptionally comfortable cleansing experience. The bidet then dries you with warm air, which nearly eliminates the need for toilet paper. Built-in deodorizers neutralize odors through a carbonized air filter, ensuring a fresh experience for everyone in your home and minimizing the spread of germs. Additional features that automatically raise the toilet seat and provide a night light add safety and convenience. These are especially useful for children or people with mobility issues.

Bidet seats like the WASHLET S550e also include comfort-first features found on TOTO smart toilets, like a heated seat and wireless remote for adjusting water temperature and pressure. They are also easy to install on most existing toilets. If you are looking to completely replace your old commode, look for a combined unit like the Drake WASHLET+ C5, a high-efficiency toilet with a WASHLET bidet seat, or the modern-styled silhouette of the NEOREST line of smart toilets, which deliver the latest tech with a sleek style that accentuates any bathroom aesthetic.

High-efficiency toilets from TOTO with bidets have pre-cleaning and advanced flushing features that cut down the need for harsh chemicals in cleaning the bathroom and reduce the need for toilet paper by 75%, making them a healthier, eco-friendly choice. The WASHLET, WASHLET+ and NEOREST clean themselves following each use with TOTO's EWATER+ (electrolyzed water), which mists and cleans the wand and bowl after every use.

Bathroom refresh inspiration

Updating your toilet with a bidet is a worthwhile investment for people choosing to stay in their current home and improve their most in-demand space to keep their loved ones clean and comfortable. Whether you want an all-in-one smart toilet or a bidet seat that fits on your existing toilet, there is a bidet option that will help you create a cleaner, more luxurious experience in time for summer. Learn more at

June 8, 2023